About Boody

We set out to create a better basic

Boody cares. We always have. Our journey began with the yearning to design a more superior essential. A softer fabric. A comfier fit. We set out without ego to change the way you think about your clothing choices. And we did it keeping the environment top of mind.

Boody is an Australian sustainable clothing brand that makes everyday basics. Created by two families, today their children continue their work. From women's and men's essentials to activebaby and loungewear, Boody has your entire wardrobe of basics covered.

We’ve arrived at a point in time where we need to make change. There shouldn’t be an ‘eco’ category. There should only be an ‘eco’ category. But we know we’re not there yet. So, we’ll keep making everyday essentials with materials that are better for the environment than the range that came before.

And comfier, of course. We’re still Boody, after all.

Our story starts and ends with comfort

We’re obsessed with comfort. Our designers work around the clock sourcing the most innovative materials to create beautifully-soft everyday essentials.

But we know the way to a better world has no shortcuts, which is why we create our clothing with the most sustainable materials we can get our hands on. Yes, we know – ‘eco’ shouldn’t even need a label in today’s world. It should be a given. But we’re not there yet, so we need to keep spreading the word.

We’re forever looking for ways we can improve our sustainable practices through every touch point. From materials, to manufacturing and shipping, our values are embedded into our culture and in our people.

Everything we make is certified cruelty-free and comes from ethical supply chains, so you can be confident in your choices. We believe in refining rather than reinventing the design of our clothing, creating timeless, versatile looks to be worn again and again.

Are you ready to join the movement?